Thorpe Nursery Pre-School

Thorpe Nursery Pre-School

Manor Farm House

Coldharbour Lane



TW20 8TE


Tel: 01932569592

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About Us

Children learn from the examples set by people around them.  We aim to show the children through our working practices and our relationships with the families within the group, the codes of acceptable behaviour.  Our philosophy and aims are as follows:


•To respect each child as an individual with individual needs.


•To encourage and praise good behaviour within a happy environment where social skills are continually developed through the ‘Early Years Curriculum’.


•To raise the children’s self-esteem and confidence through the provision of a flexible daily routine allowing children to feel secure and settle more easily.


•To encourage adults and children to support, care for, and have respect and consideration for others.


•To treat adults and children as individuals, with an equal role within the group, by, working together and encouraging the sharing of information between home and Nursery.


•To actively encourage good behaviour through, clear concise explanations, consistent care, handling, praising and by example.



Settling in at Nursery


When offered a place, the parent/carer will firstly be invited to spend time in the Nursery with their child to get to know their child's allocated Key Person and complete the All About Me information. At the next visit, after the parent/carer has stayed to settle their child with their Key Person the child should stay for a short period of time on their own – for up to one hour.  If all goes well then their child will start their scheduled sessions at their next visit.


Since each child settles at a different rate, we will change the settling in period to suit the individual child.  




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